When I read Stormfront, I keep thinking, "Is there any way we can get SERIOUS?"

The answer is invariably, "No."

Nothing is more realistic than housing values. When Nice Blacks move in everybody says it's fine. But housing prices begin to drop.

Why? Because the MARKET, real money, sees the reality you talk around. The reason the market doesn't want those really NICE blacks in your community are not because THEY are personally bad. You keep bragging about how NICE they are.

But the market knows that every black who moves into your community is a fanatical advocate of every OTHER black who wants to move in.

Almost every IMMIGRANT who moves into America becomes a fanatical advocate of every advocate of every OTHER immigrant who moves into America. So today almost ALL immigrants are bad news.

I liked Mickey Spillane. Mickey Spillane was a famous New Yorker who wrote big-selling novels. He moved to South Carolina in the 1950s. He did NOT have a Southern accent. In fact, his New York accent made the attempts to fake New York accents look amateurish.

But I loved the man. When he was interviewed in his South Carolina coastal paradise, he bitched about "These Yankees who keep pouring in here."

Spillaine was not an Immigrant. He was a naturalized Confederate. He was white. So he had the choice of being an advocate of all other white outsiders or being one of us. Spillane decided to be one of US.

Let me explain a point that is not rocket science: Loyalty is good. Treason is bad. This is a PRACTICAL point. This is a point the MARKET recognizes.

POLITICAL discrimination is not banned. If the courts were to rule that OUR political discrimination was banned, we could sue every university and all the rest. NOBODY on the other side is going to go after us for POLITICAL discrimination, IF we were serious.

But the one thing they know for sure is that we are NOT serious.

Let's talk Market:

What if you owned land in an area that was known for its POLITICAL discrimination. No one is allowed in, and anyone is kicked out if they do not subscribe totally and completely to the idea of an all-white community. AND cooperative home schooling.

You could offer your homes for TWICE the market price if you were SERIOUS about this. And where there is demand, there is supply. Somebody is going to DO this. So why can't the people who are making the white revolution cannot make a dime on this?

First, because most of them are breathlessly talking about the latest gossip, or how Israel is bad. What about the rest, the ones who actually notice the United States?

They're busy making points on each other. And ALL of them are wondering why big-money people are not contributing to the white nationalist cause. Back to non-rocket science: Nobody with money notices flakes.

I am not optimistic because I see any signs of seriousness among "white nationalists."

I am optimistic because I see the other side I getting crazier and crazier. And when the ruling class goes nuts, there is MONEY to be made by sane people who are not flakes.

I see there is MONEY here. I notice there is sea change against this diversity crap. Somebody is going to make a MINT out of that. While white nationalists are still theorizing.

That is the kind of thing I, after a lifetime in power politics, notice.Meanwhile the Experienced Practical Men in our movement keep saying, "money is everything in politics". But those Practical Experienced Men have no idea of the implications of what they just said.


I don't NEED money. So I will enjoy it when the time comes the movement people see others making a fortune and they bitch, "But I THOUGHT of it!"

Gee, people will feel SO sorry for you!