Bob, the left is quietly giving up on equality like it quietly gave up on central planning. I was in the Revolutionary Book Store in Manhattan, proudly Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, in September and asked to see the books beating a drum for central planning. There were none. There were plenty of books accusing capitalism of trying to force a universal McDonalization and Disneyfication on the world and as causing increasing inequality. Yes, the leftist belief in equality continues. When I told the proprietor my observation about the lack of desire for central planning and said that leftists today are opposed to capitalism because of its universalist ambitions and that the opposition to the war in Iraq made them mad (because they would be quite content if the Iraqis choose whatever form of government they want and most definitely did not want America imposing "democracy" upon them) the proprietor was quite interested.

But he was not quite ready to give up on equality. When I told him that the left would abandon equality too as having failed just like central planning, he suddenly became busy.

Watch for the little signs. Notice that anti-war rallies have fewer "Against War and Racism" banners.

The left will side with the particularists, the right with the universalists. The only serious racial egalitarians are on the right. They want us all to be saved, regardless of race. The left just wants to have jobs promoting equality. Remember, when the Berlin Wall fell there were more commies in West Germany (mostly professors) than in East Germany (zero).

Sure, the past success of 20th century leftist rent seeking for equality continues in the present. There are more than zero true believers among the left. This is called culture lag and there's a whole industry still living off it. (Didn't a certain book, A Plague on Both Your Houses, once say something along these lines?) It's the passion that has left the 20th century left.

Bob, join me in being a 21st century leftist.

Comment by Trager Smith