Most of the time in my life when I say something unkind about someone, even a little bit, they slink away.

Joe doesn't slink. I expected to catch it for my remarks about him and I caught it.

It's essentially true that Joe has no apologies for anyone. Whether or not Joe is a tough guy is a matter of opinion. I do live in Joe's world and not everyone has something to tell me. I have very high standards and very few people meet them. Joe has paid his dues and, in fact, does believe that he owes nobody anything. No one, however, knows where Joe's loyalties lie except Joe himself. Joe has never bribed anyone and Joe has never accepted a bribe from anyone. Not the slightest kind of bribe.

The stink of politics has never rubbed off on Joe because Joe has never been around that kind of stink. Joe doesn't have to distort the truth. He can speak it flat out. I do live in that world.

Joe Comments:

"It is true that Bob has nothing to tell me except, for sure, about the stink of politics and government. I'm sure that Bob has many, many details concerning the stink of government and politics that it would take a whole year to tell me about and that surely would disgust me thoroughly."

"I can't change the world and neither can Bob even though Bob has been trying to change it for the entirety of his adult life. The world of government and politics still stinks. Perhaps more than ever for the land of the free and the home of the brave."

"Bob has been beating his head against the wall for the past fifty years and the world of government and politics stinks even worse than when he first began the self-flagellation that he calls victory."

"He admits that during the course of his life every politician within his reach laughed him out of town. This must stand for something, does it not? Oh, but a handful of unhappy people are going to change all that. Is that what I am given to understand?"

"What kind of genius is this?"

"Will somebody please contact Reality? Take a look around you. What have you seen today that looks like a change in the direction that you profess to be moving? I saw a bagful of the very opposite today!"

"It's not happening! It's not going to happen because you talk about it happening."

"No. Doing does not come from talking. Talk doesn't cook rice."

"Oh, I think a wise man would listen to Bob. Why not? It doesn't hurt to listen. Then one has to discern. The Bible says, 'Try the spirits whether they be of God.' There's a good lesson in that. I won't explain it but it's there. You don't have to be of any particular religious persuasion to understand the meaning of this sentence. It basically means: whom is this slug talking to you? Are you paying attention to this loser? Is something truly valuable coming your way or are you being inundated with an endless supply of crap? Street language for those of you who can groove on it."

"You are correct. Bob is not about wisdom. He is about knowledge. And he loves to parade it. All you have to decide upon is whether you want wisdom or knowledge. Which do you think is more important?"

"Yes, a wise man would have no reason to not listen to Bob. Bob is not unworthy to have a wise man for an audience. A wise man can learn from Bob. Oh, you didn't know that? Now you do. A wise man knows that you can learn from every man. Even sycophants have something to teach the wise man. It's a short lesson, yes, but it's still a lesson. If Bob had nothing to say to the wise it would only be because he would fear that the wise man would see through him."


Joe is aiming his words at me. The reason I criticize him is to spare younger people who simply cannot believe that what is going on is right that they should not be discouraged.

Joe, when I entered college at sixteen almost every single veteran on the GI Bill said almost exactly what you say here.

I was looking for some hope and some leadership, and they all said they had already made all the sacrifices they were ever going to make and I was fighting the Inevitable Future.

They took all my hope, all my analysis, and reduced it to how tough and true they were.

They were dead wrong.

They thought the price system was history. They told me all the professors agree on what Jensen and Rushton have finally defeated, after years of work by people like Coon and Shockley and myself. In a world where race is more obviously the only issue every day, they are reduced to saying it isn't there.

In exactly the same way that the Whig Party said that the issue of the expansion of slavery wasn't really there.

Pretty well every substantive statement Joe makes is what I heard from the World War II Generation for fifty years. But there is gigantic difference.

The group that calls itself The Greatest Generation, as it FINALLY goes to the grave, is senility smiling on everything they did to us. You are always hearing people say, "Well, a lot of them had that attitude, but my Uncle Bill was against all this stuff."

That what your Uncle Tom said to YOU, but all I ever saw of that Generation of Heroes was a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT failure to object to ANYTHING in PUBLIC.

I have many times given you examples of the old bastards in their WWII paper hats talking loudly about how their buddies died to end the white race, and NEVER have I EVER seen ONE WWII vet disagree.

They are peeing on the very graves of the "buddies" they whine endlessly about.

Joe is raising hell right now. He isn't going to sacrifice anything for the cause. But none of us is really doing much of that. Joe can take it and hand it back. We need him.

Any member of the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation would have beat its chest and then slunk off. They tell us they were real brave in the 1940s. As a matter of fact, I have known many people on every side of WWII including Finland, and I have never heard anyone say one word about American bravery in WWII except Americans.

From what I hear, every single American WWII vet should say, "Thank God for the Italians!"

If it weren't for the Italians, who seldom knew what side they were on, taking the brunt as the goats of the war, Americans would have been the goats. They came back and took every ounce of morale out of me. I will not forget it.

Nonetheless, the USSR is down and the space telescope is up. The IRS was not able to impose racial quotas on private schools thirty years ago and Ann Coulter just stole my very words to put out to millions of conservatives.

We ARE pushing them.

Do you really expect the national media to headline any of this? I wish I could start the fight NOW, not THEN. You would not believe the total unreality I dealt with back then.