For 65 years enormous sums of conscious energy and legal force has been expended to desegregate society.

Yet spontaneous segregation has triumphed, despite stupendous effort against it.

The more our treasonous rulers work to turn America into a prison, the more they resort to the forceful destruction of our racial dominion via mass aided and abetted third-world invasion.

Yet the natural force of racial segregation asserts itself and becomes ever more prominent (like in a penal institution).

The destruction of our racial dominion has ALREADY OCCURRED. That just needs to be admitted and faced.

Direct physical violence against us is not necessary as long as we refrain from forceful resistance against our treasonous occupiers, so there is no necessity for our rulers to employ direct physical violence against us.

Also, they are relying on the sheer "on the ground" situational and physical magnitude of the millions of third-world invaders to settle resistance matters for them.

So I ask, where do we go from here? Comment by DaveME:

"So I ask, where do we go from here? "

Our present situation reminds me of the Revolutionary War.

By all the rules of war of that age, the British had won that war by 1780 when they captured Charleston. At that point, British troops occupied every single major city in America outside of Boston.

But their actual situation was the same as that of Napoleon when he took Moscow and waited for somebody to come surrender to him.

Not only that, but the British Army could go anywhere it wished. And out in the countryside there was a MUCH higher percentage of Tory sympathizers by far than there are minorities today.By our present reckoning, George III is our king and Napoleon is the Czar.