Operations and strategy should be married into operations alone.

Comment by Dave


Linder quotes Chuck Pearson who gave me the Decoder Ring that explained so much of the Substance behind American politics and allowed me to ignore the Form that creates so much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Pearson said, "Jews don't take just one side of an issue; Jews take ALL sides of an issue, so that whatever the outcome, it is Good For Jews."

The creation of False Flags, and Controlled Opposition, has gone a long way to insure Jewish Supremacy in politics; how wonderful to watch your Racial Enemies waste their irreplaceable time chasing their tails like puppies, which is my metaphor for Ron Paul's supporters.

I remember when The Revolution of the late Sixties was well underway and I came across a glossy full-color magazine at the college bookstore called RAMPARTS.

I remember thinking, "How Odd! Rich people with a lot of money for good full-color photography and literate writers and spending fortunes to inform the rest of us what the Revolution is all about and What We Should Do to further it. Isn't it wonderful of the Elite to tell the Workers at the barricade how to overthrow the Elite..."

I told my girlfriend of the time that I would not be able to attend any further campus "political consciousness raising" events with her as something just didn't add up.

These many years later I will not be attending any Ron Paul events either because THIS generation does not seem to realize that political systems abhor vacuums and the power vacuum left by the absence of Government will be filled with Corporations, where it is profitable, and anarchy, where it is not.

And NOBODY lets such power fall from his or her hands willingly.

They CAN allows a Revolution SEEM to succeed knowing that, when it fails, the Counter-Revolution will come in with a different Facade and accomplish the purposes that Real Power could not begin to fulfill under the Old Order.

Clinton, for example, took a thoroughly repudiated Congress, called them back into session and passed NAFTA; the Coordinating Bodies that NAFTA legitimized have since expanded into the foundations of the Security and Prosperity Partnership which is now sponsoring Triumvirates, annual Mock Parliaments at the American University, just as high schools throughout America send delegates to model United Nations at elite colleges...

Ron Paul counts as a masterful "Useful Idiot," who is laying the foundation for the soft destruction of America, the only country wealthy enough to afford such folly.

His followers are simply using him as a proxy for "None Of The Above."

His supporters seems to be doing an excellent job of funding his campaign; how odd, seeing as most of the Libertarians of my acquaintance are more interested in practicing low-scale hedonism, in the name of a political philosophy, than working, much less sending money (they are usually broke) to a Ron Paul campaign.