My patience grows thin as relatives who scorned my thinking, and calld me "the Family Nazi," now look to me as the one person who actually has a Plan.

They cannot accept the foundation of the Plan as being the antithesis of the genocide of White Children; so, they get what they can handle, in pieces, with me playing the role of Patriarch, disguised as the family's banker.

THEM: "So and so is having problems with such and such."

Me: "Fine. Have her move in with her nephews, and her social security will help them cover her costs."

THEM: "That sounds like you are saying she will have to sell her house."

Me: "Well, yes. She's going to have to get rid of a lot of junk she's been hoarding, anyway."

THEM: "We can't do that."

Me: "Fine. Next question?"

That was a long way of speaking in shorthand about how the use of emotional blackmail works to keep you in place, safe, comfortable, and useful for parasites looking for a host, living in a reactive world.

Funny thing is, when people realize you cannot be emotionally blackmailed, they begin to either totally ignore you, or show you a lot of respect, if only out of fear.

Speaking in code for the last fifty years has gained us nothing, as we have been routinely defeated on EVERY policy initiative.

Speaking and living in a clean, straightforward manner simply makes your life much easier, and the people who don't like the real you, and what you really stand for, are better left in the dustbin of history.

I am using the Mantra in routine conversation pretty much every time an opportunity offers itself, changing the phrasing to the genocide of White CHILDREN.

It works, in that it punches through the emotional walls that political correctness - moral and intellectual cowardice - offers them.

I open up the topic when someone mentions a contemporary issue, and I shift the topic to how the solution will affect his/her grandchildren.

That STOPS them for a minute, and then I hit the issue of the genocide of White CHILDREN - usually, therefore, THEIR GRANDCHILDREN.

I have seen people literally go slack-jawed, and stare into space, as the Programming is neutralized, if only for a second.

I don't know if it people seeing someone stand up and say, without apology, what their grandparents believed without having to articulate, that your life is devoted to Creating the world your Posterity will inhabit.

The control system for political correctness, outside of the workplace, is emotional blackmail - landmines of outrage and horror as the Facade is broken, and destroyed.


The best emotional response is Masculine, Assertive to the point of being aggressive, and a focus on their grandchildren.

This crushes the explosives in the minefield, and you get to move forward. If they want to stay back where they are, fine.

They will be the ones who are ignored by their grandchildren, and rightly so.

Oh, and a quick comment on how to make your points, from someone who is tired of the feminization of American political discourse.


Hit the mark, hit it again, and hit it again, harder.

The psychologists - the smart ones - studied the Army officers who were captives in the Korean Police Action, to see which ones became "fellow travelers" with their captors - traitors - and which ones didn't.

They discovered something the Left used against us with great skill in the last half-century.

The ones who never cracked never compromised on one thing; they never even began to discuss how they MIGHT - or the Administration MIGHT - be remotely guilty of something, no matter how trivial.

That was the key.

Once the first apology was issued, no matter how small the issue, no matter how tentative the apology, the Pattern was in place, and all they had to do was go to straight, mechanistic, operant conditioning.

The officers who NEVER apologized, not once, not in the slightest, could not ne intimidated, and did not turn traitor on their brothers.

Same here.

We have wasted far too much time being rational with the irrational, who only use words to find a weak emotional link, no matter how small or subtle, and then ruthlessly attack us with psychological warfare, the strongest element of which is emotional blackmail.

Have you noticed how often our young men - and omen, but especially our young men - are brought into apology exercises in school, and at the diversity training sessions?

Think there is a reason for that?

They do what WORKS, because it WORKS.

Now, so do I.

How to WIN:


One, go on the offense.

Two, stay there.