Liberal was in fashion when civil rights was pushed along with busing, equality and immigration reform. Once these negative effects of this came forth then the heat was on the "Liberals". This one label carried the stigma of all that went wrong with leftist idealism mentioned above. The "Liberals" became progressives or moderates etc, they figured nobody would notice. The proper conservative was used to save the cultural deviants, if Bob Dole was seen along side Ted Kennedy then he must not be all that bad so it goes. Every time these SOB's are on the ropes it's somebody on the other side that saves the "Liberals", why not, the proper conservatives would have to behave like all the others who are never allowed on TV.

Comment by Alan


Anti-racists today are in EXACTLY the position liberals were in in the period you talk abut, when they got discredited. "There is no room for racism in American society" is phrase you hear less of today. People are EXPERIENCING what it means. It means suppression of all opposition, which is what liberalism came to mean in the 60s.

It took quite a while for people to even begin to attack the holy word "liberal." It had been a mantra for a full generation. But it critically important that I now find that EVERYBODY laughs when I say "anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews." People would have seamed bloody murder if I had said that before 1980. I am attacking what WAS a Holy Mantra. Now it is laughing stock.

The trick is knowing WHEN that turning-point has come.

I did a piece recently on white's right to discriminate. The brilliance of this argument IS NOT THE ARGUMENT. I will get people chiming in and saying I am RIGHT. But as I keep complaining, that precisely misses the point. We were RIGHT when we said the white man made life worth living in the 1920s. It does not matter that I'M RIGHT.


I have had to wait all these years for the antis to go too far. Now THEY are demanding reparations. Now THEY are saying whole races deserve things. Now the whole Ex Oriente Lux crap, where we all owed everything to Moses and Pharaohs, is collapsing. NOW we can attack and state flatly what WE have a right to.

War or politics, which is the same thing, is a matter of TIMING. When I was saying that integration was aimed at genocide in the 1950s, I was RIGHT, but Norman Rockwell was portraying people like me as an attack on little black girls being protected by troops as they entered white schools surrounded by Evil Rednecks. Now it is OBVIOUS genocide.

NOW is the TIME.

But every time I mention the WWII generation and the example of moral cowards just like them in the Catholic hierarchy who played the Godfather to priest who raped little boys, every reply I get is abut what people are used to talking about: homosexuality in the priesthood. That not only has nothing to do with my point, it TRIVIALIZES what I am telling you.

Which is why Mark is so pissed, thought he has a lot to learn from me, too. The simple fact was that in 1968 we cold have DESTROYED liberalism. Humphrey was down to 29% in the polls, and his working-class anti-liberals and Republicans anti-liberals were ready to stomp them into the dust. Mark, can you imagine that I spent TWELVE YEARS in rug-chewing fury while these dolts slowly, slowly got together against the common enemy?

First the enemy does what Alan said. His REAL motives become so clear nobody can miss them. But that is not enough. THEN the whole establishment that has been opposing them has to slowly, glacially, begin to realize it is time for ATTACK. All the subtlety and survival tactics they used before are out of date. It takes a LONG time to get this across.

But I have been this way before.

First the enemy makes his motives so clear nobody can miss them any more. THEN those who have led the moderate response, who are the spokesmen of the opposition, have to be replaced. Reagan lost the nomination fight in 1976.

I am STILL trying to get across to BLOGGERS what the FIRST step is. I am hitting on the second with "respectable conservatives."

This really bothers me for a very good reason. If you NEVER get over the idea that my exposure of moral cowardice dealing with boy rapes in the Catholic Church and its relevance to the Greatest Generation - and THAT was a wild overstepping that generation gave us to hit them with - how am I EVER going to want you against Step Three?

All those clever people who kept control of the anti-liberals didn't just get mad and go home, the way Mark sounds like he is doing. They invented Neoconservatism. Now the neoconservatives have us in Iraq in EXACTLY the same way that EXACTLY the same kind of people who got us into Vietnam.

I have made that point several times, but all I get is responses about how Jewish they are and other standard stuff. Please LISTEN to me! This war will be won. I saw the same war before. But paleoconservatives won the war and lost the peace.

REPEAT: We won the war but we can lose the peace and right back where we were AGAIN. And conservatives did it by going back to the same old crap like a bitch to her vomit.

If you want to WIN, and STAY won, get off the old crap and GET MY POINTS!