Wouldn't it be wonderful for a killer if he could tell the police, "You have asked that question twenty times." You ought to be ashamed of yourself for being so repetitious."

No doubt it does make them look unsophisticated, but the police are not respectable conservatives. They simply will not stop asking a question until it has been answered. In fact they don't stop asking it after it has been answered because they want to be sure your answer is consistent.

But everybody seems to be a sucker for this "repetitious" line.

Normally all a liberal has to do is make it clear that that point has been made enough and a conservative backs off, or he will lose his respectable paycheck.

But if it ever happens that some respectable conservative has cajones enough to keep demanding an answer, there is one way to shut him up.

The liberal says, "I already answered that."

When you have chased an anti-white around over all over with the Mantra, they will refer to the thousands of words they and other have said and claim the question has already been asked over and over and ANSWERED over and over.

Respectable conservatives get paid for falling for that line, but a cop who did would be looking for a new line of work.

That "You already asked that" and the follow up "I already answered that" simply do not work with grownups.