In an earlier post, Mrpelding noted our need for a new religion. I commented on this, noting that all other religions bind the followers BACK, while Christianity - True Christianity - bound its followers FORWARD.

White Nationalism, Western Nationalism, and what could be called a possible "Movement" involving these Ideals - call it WN2/M - has not made the headway it should have for numerous reasons. Among those is the so-called "Golden Age" - Rockwell, Oliver, Pierce - was formed in the clear background of a race war defined as a "Civil Rights Movement."

ALL of these men could remember a White America, and KNEW that only a White America could be a Great Nation.

Since then, the "Civil Rights Movement" has been part and parcel of a Gramscian Institutional Transformation, and WN2/M went nowhere, compared to what could have been.

Thus, even now, the personal battles of thirty years ago are being re-fought daily on various WN bulletin boards and forums.

I am convinced it's because they, essentially, stopped moving forward; they saw the issues in one context, and are trapped in that intellectual context.

Some have moved forward, even while these battles try to drag them back - like the archaic religions, they draw them BACK to a past that never really was, where they never spend any time creating a better future.

There are exceptions, but even these are spending too much of their time fighting yesterday's conflicts.

My nephews shall not have anything to do with these dramas.

I have explained to them the conflicts they see being worked out, and have explained why nothing much has happened around WN2/M activities; everyone is still arguing over who should have won The Big Game back in high school, while our Opposition went on to colleges, and universities.

And I am tired of it.

So, we are looking to an incredible future, with the best of Bob's Insights - and the Insights of his posters - in starting with the intellectual framework of Family First - Family, as the microcosm of Race, Race as the macrocosm of Family, and Race as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

And, if they can learn with Paul's Meet-Ups about diplomatic and political skills, and can apply them to good effect with Dobson's Third Party, so much the better.

If this leads to them leading a new nation twenty years from now, ALL based on the foundation of Family, and Race, so much the better.

At least, I will have offered them honor, discipline, and the stars.