REPETITION | 2004-10-09

I learned this repetition technique before I got into politics, and I got into politics at the age of thirteen. Before that I had read a book about a dog, I think it was White Fang. White Fang was a hell of a fighter and he learned to whip anything on four feet.

Until he ran into a bulldog.

The bulldog grabbed some skin at White Fang's throat and went for a rise as White Fang used every technique he knew. The bulldog had only one concern. Every time he got a chance, he grabbed a little more throat skin in his mouth.

The bulldog was about to rip out White Fang's jugular vein when White Fang's owner called off the fight.

The fact is that that bulldog didn't look too smart. The audience had come to see two dogs fight it out in an exciting way, and here was one real fighter against some stupid, funny-looking animal that just hung on and got tossed around all over the place.

I decided I could either look good or make my point. I could change the world only if I made my point.