REPETITION | 2004-10-09

My professor friend was impressed. He said that that simple approach could destroy Communist arguments everywhere. I agreed.

He asked why it wasn't used.

I told him it wasn't used because anti-Communists do not have that kind of discipline. I could only do this alone because, about the fifth time I repeated the point, the pea head arguing on my side would have to show off his knowledge and argue some other point the Communist had made, which was exactly what the Communist needed to save him.

President Ronald Reagan had to overrule his own staff three times to get the words, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" into his speech in Berlin. They kept worrying that it sounded too provincial. They were worried it made Reagan look like the cliché-repeating rube his enemies had portrayed him as.

In other words, they were worried about everything but getting the point across.

No one else used this tactic against the Reds, but it worked every single time.