OBSERVATIONS | 1998-09-26

1. Conservative respectables are wonderful for liberals. One of the leading lawyers supporting Clinton on MSNBC mentioned he had hundreds of sex offenders as clients. In short, he makes his living getting sex offenders back on the streets ASAP. Not one conservative respectable picked up on that - of course. Alan Derschowitz and Arthur Miller are Harvard lawyers who have devoted their lives to getting repeat criminals off.

Respectable conservative debating this say - guess what - not a word! Boy, those conservative respectables are brave denouncing letting criminals back on the streets - until they have to face off with one of the people who do it. What a bunch of prostitutes respectable conservatives are!

2. CODE WORD: "irreverence"

Charles Groden exposed himself as such a fanatical liberal that, despite his expensive contract, MSNBC had to take away his daily show. Nobody wanted to watch him.

The new Charles Groden at MSNBC is named Keith Obermann. Like Groden, they say he is "irreverent". Which means he smiles and says liberal things.

Watch that word irreverent.