OBSERVATIONS | 1998-09-19

1. Clinton doesn't matter.

What does matter is that the so-called "women's movement" is history.

We don't realize how important that is precisely because the liberal women's' groups that were so important last December have disappeared from the media radar without a whisper. We have already forgotten that they used to get attention.

As my brother Jon has pointed out, until last December there was a story in the papers every week about some CEO getting charged with sexual harassment.


2. Who the hell CARES whether Russia goes on with its economic reforms?

Socialism had absolutely nothing to do with our concern about the Soviet Union. It was the USSR's threats against us that was the problem.

A stable Communist government run by old ex-Communists right now would be no problem, as long as they took back control over their outdated atomic arsenal. That's our problem. Their economic system is of no concern to us at all.