NO SHOW | 2005-06-25

In 1982, anyone who said the USSR was about to fall would have been laughed out of the room.

But what happened when the pressure was on was a game of dominoes

1) Gorbachev renounced the terror that had kept the USSR going since Lenin's Red Terror in 1918.

2) Suddenly people started saying what everybody was thinking, "This system is silly, is childish, the dream of a bunch of professors who never did a day's work in their lives."

3) People began to QUESTION. And that was the end.

Suddenly the Republics like Estonia and Ukraine started saying, "Why SHOULDN'T we be independent?"

People started asking, "Why are all other WHITE countries rich and we live at a level a third-world country would consider embarrassing?" The Confederate flag started showing up.

We all remember the crisis when Gorbachev was arrested and Yeltsin took his stand on top of a tank.

We all remember waiting for the Soviet Army to show up.

It never showed up.

NOBODY believed in the System. The Emperor was as naked as plucked chicken and had been for years.