Recently conservatives were screaming because homosexual kissing was being shown on network TV. Yet these same conservatives will kill to make sure that interracial kissing and coupling is shown on network TV without objection. They will lynch people like me who openly say they don't like it.

For leftism, the whole "War on Racism" has been the key to victory. They have one set of conservatives demanding the end of the "prejudices" of another group of conservatives.

That means you can destroy any vestige of morality, because you can denounce everybody else's morality as "prejudice." Once you force everybody to agree that criticizing blacks and blondes kissing in public is Nazism, then you can force them to agree that men slobbering men in public is OK with everybody but Nazis.

The same scream of "prejudice" that liberals use against me is used by NAMBLA to justify boy-man sex. They tell us that the Ancient Greeks had man-boy sex all the time so our dislike of it is just a prejudice.

And HITLER was against man-boy sex!!

The battle against prejudice is called a "War Against Racism" but it is actually a campaign against whites. It is only aimed at immigration and integration of all white majority countries. What they call "race mixing" is actually only aimed against one race.

So the War Against Prejudice is both a genocidal campaign and a campaign against morality.

And in both of these battles, against whites and against Western Morality, leftists have no more dedicated allies than the respectable conservatives.