Neoconservatives are the War Hawks who control the Bush White House. They have their own agenda. Americans mean nothing to them. They view the white race as something that can best be done away with by open borders.

Respectable conservatives worship neoconservatives. Now all of a sudden neoconservatives are getting out of hand and regular conservatives are getting nervous.

People like me warned against neoconservatives from the beginning. But respectable conservatives say they were always right to worship the neos. They say we were wrong to warn against the neos.

Respectable conservatives are slowly beginning to realize they have been displaced. Soon they will start experiencing the political disaster the neos have caused. But respectable conservatives will never admit they were wrong and we were right.

So respectable conservatives will say that neoconservatives were wonderful until on or about January 1, 2000. Respectable conservatives will say that on or about January 1, 2000, neoconservatism went suddenly and inexplicably wrong.

After all, respectable conservatives hate whites, too: See September 20 World View,

If Hitler Hated Jews, Then All Of Our National Spokesmen Hate Whites

I keep warning you about following these respectable conservative spokesmen. Some day you will tell me that those national conservative spokesmen were just fine until on or about January 1, 2020. Then they went inexplicably wrong.

Sometimes paranoids have real enemies. Sometimes us alarmists are just plain right.

Just once it would be nice if someone listened to us BEFORE the next disaster.