NEO WORSHIP | 2002-04-27

Nothing is more natural than that respectable conservatives would worship neoconservatives.

Respectable conservatives were thrilled that these neoconservatives who had been in the media and in the government as liberals were now willing to have lunch with them. Respectable conservatives went nuts when neoconservatives started to write for them.

Respectable conservatives could not believe that these Great Men who had previously only associated with the media moguls among their fellow liberals now talked to THEM!

As the hard-core liberal ship went down, conservatives not only welcomed the rats aboard the conservative ship, they gave them the helm.

As William Buckley keeps saying, "People talk about rats deserting the ship. Well, why shouldn't they?"

After all, some of those rats are his best friends.

David Horowitz, who screamed anaziwhowsantstokillsixmillionjews to prevent any opposition on racial issues on campus when he was a leftist, is now in charge of the conservative civil rights debate.

You see, says Horowitz, he did help crush all opposition to integration on campus by calling anyone who did not lie about race anaziwhowantedtokillsixmillionjews. Now he demands to know why there is not free speech on racial issues on college campuses.

According to neoconservatives, shrieking down all serious discussion of race before January 1, 1970, was the act of an Idealist, but on January 1, 1970, for no reason, it got ugly.