One guy in the 60's read an article on Nazi Parties of the world. One was in Latin America, and it pushed assimilation, including interracial marriage, the official policy of ALL Latin countries for centuries. A guy summed it up nicely, "all they've got in common with the German Nazi Party is a stiff right arm."

Most fascists, like Libertarians, are fanatically anti-white. Like Heinlein, who touted anything with uniforms including the Boy Scouts, they are obsessed with shiny boots and a police state. In short they have a Wordism of their own and race gets in the way.

The actual German NSDAP made race treason a very minor crime. As with all anti-Left Wordist, any racism they showed was incidental.

The same is true of Nationalism. Many a European Nationalist would be offended if you divided Frenchmen or Swedes along color lines. Nationalist Parties are the enemies of our enemies, but they are NOT part of us.

And as someone who has practiced politics for decades, let me assure you that the closer they come to becoming part of a ruling coalition the less racist they will be. Those mythical minority votes they are going to get by denouncing racism are a hypnotic lure that the media know how to dangle.

There is also the matter of government. Fascists and nationalists tend to identify their "nation," not by its race, but as their government.

If there was one thing all the Founding Fathers did NOT want to do in 1787, it was to found a NATION. If anyone had said they were founding a nation, not a single state would have put the Constitution up for ratification.

If this was true in 1789 it was even truer in 1776. When Lincoln said that the Declaration of Independence "founded a nation" it was the very essence of the Big Lie. NOBODY who signed the Declaration thought of the United States as a NATION. Until he became President, Washington referred to "my country" as Virginia, as did every single other Signer.

The Declaration of Independence, contrary to what Lincoln said, was a Declaration of INDEPENDENCE.

Lincoln declared that a new nation based on equality was founded in 1776. The World War II Generation declares itself "one hundred percent American," which to them means exactly what it does to a fascist, a bunch of guys in uniforms worshipping the Constitution. One hundred percent Americans cannot be divided by race.

National Socialism had the same problem Parkinson pointed out about Democratic Socialism and Social Democrats. You have a name which includes both a means and an end. If socialism is not good for the nation, what will the National Socialist choose? This conflict was one of the reasons for the abolition of the SA and the Night of the Long Knives.

What if, as has proven to be the case, the democracy does not WANT what you choose to call socialism? The Labour Party in Britain now rejects the government ownership of the means of production and distribution with the fanaticism of a respectable conservative rejecting anything anyone chooses to call racism.

What does a Democratic Socialism DO when he can't GET socialism through democracy?

No one asks that except me and the long-dead Parkinson.

People do not THINK about it. They don't think that democracy is a means and socialism is an end.

People assume that anyone who dreams of shining his boots and marching in the streets is racial because the media says so.

The media do not always tell the exact truth.