If you look at "History Does not Recognize Nations", some may extrapolate. When we were expanding, we formed new nations, new political divisions.

Now, thanks to The Greatest Generation, we are in full retreat.

This is nothing new.

Erasmus supported Martin Luther at the beginning. Luther at first was looking for a Reformation, a change in the entire church. But when it became clear that Protestantism was leading to a split in the church, Erasmus turned against him. Erasmus supported Rome.

Meanwhile, what were Erasmus's REAL religious views? On his death bed, he refused to make confession or to ask for the Last Rites the Catholic Church said were essential to salvation. In other words, Erasmus had no religious views. So why did he back Rome?

Like many others, Erasmus took this stand because he did not want a split in what was then known as Western Christendom. Western Christendom had driven Islam out of Europe by 1492, and Spain had lots of help from other countries in doing that. But what if Christendom broke into pieces?

It did split, then it split again, nations became supreme. The relatively tiny area of Northwestern Europe split along religious lines, then the Protestant Netherlands was at war with Protestant England and Catholic countries came to blows, even as the religious wars killed people by the millions.

And the splits split. America drove out Britain, the Confederacy almost made its own nation. And all the time we got stronger. By the time the Greatest Generation took over, we ruled the world, divided as we were.

Now we must retrench. There are nations within us of which we are not yet aware. We will have to dump part of our race and depend on a very tiny proportion of it. After the Counterreformation, Catholic countries simply sank into stagnation. The enormous Spanish Empire did nothing but bring in gold which was swallowed up by Northern Europe. By the twentieth century France was the only Latin Catholic country that made the slightest bit of difference, and it got stomped when wars came.

The one fact no historian ever mentions is that France was a great power under Napoleon because of its gigantic population. In 1800 France was by far the most numerous people in Europe. They outnumbered all of the Russias combined. This was not a small part of the white population in Germany trampling over everyone else twice the way they did in 1914 and 1940. If Germany had had the relative population France had in Europe in 1800, Hitler would have two hundred million Germans to start with!!!

We will unite and retrench. Those who stay with the old ways will go the way of those who built their nationhood on the Latin culture and the Roman Church.

A person who moans all is lost is an idiot because he thinks he is a prophet. A person who tries to predict what would happen in the time of Erasmus would have been an idiot. There are too many unexpected developments coming for us to make SPECIFIC predictions of any kind.

But one thing is clear. History tells us that those who feel a splitting of the order is death are never right. Whether you are a prophet of The New World Order or a Prophet of Doom, what you are is a damned fool.