The State newspaper and the NAACP and all the other voices of Love and Brotherhood state loudly that they want Maurice Bessinger ruined for his political heresy. His life's work and his means of living should be destroyed because he is an outspoken rightist and flies a Confederate flag.

Which makes a column by Anna Quindlen in the July 15 issue of Newsweek especially interesting. She was talking about the McCarthy era, when Evil People ruled: "It was the height of the Red Scare in America, when the lives of those aligned with or merely flirting with the Communist Party were destroyed by paranoia, a twisted strain of uber-patriotism and machinations of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, after whom an entire vein of baseless persecution is now named."

Nobody else noticed, but she is admitting that everybody McCarthy went after was either an outright supporter of Stalin's Communist USSR or was flirting with it!

So destroying the careers and livelihoods of people who were "aligned with the Communist Party" was "baseless persecution." We are talking here about people who wanted STALIN to take over America. The "McCarthy Era" was when the Communists had just taken over a third of the world. They had stolen the A-Bomb and were stealing the H-Bomb.

Everything Hitler ever did he learned from Stalin, who did it better. Hitler killed millions in wartime. Stalin killed tens of millions in peacetime.

The official doctrine is that Bessinger, an American who fought for America in Korea during the McCarthy period, should be destroyed for his rightist political views.

The official view is that we should kick ourselves over how we treated those poor sweeties who "aligned with or merely flirted with Stalin's Communist Party."

This is exactly the kind of thing respectable conservatives get paid NOT to talk about.