I can't get over how brilliant Mark's line was:

"Those who own the present own the Future. Those who own the present NEVER have any serious relationship to what is really going to happen."

That is absolutely perfect.

That is absolutely brilliant.

That is a major part of the story of human history.

Blowing On The Fire

It used to be said that early men would set the grass on fire to drive wild cattle over a cliff.

Now if you asked any animal how that giant, red blaze, the one that terrified thousands of the biggest beings they had ever seen, they would tell you a GIANT did it.

If you showed them a human being, a helpless creature with tiny teeth and fingernails, hitting rock together and then blowing carefully on the tiny bits of smoke it produced on a dry leaf, and said THAT was the source, the animal would, if it could, laugh in your face.

Everybody is looking for a GIANT, a Giant Conspiracy, Giant Corporations, and Giant ANYTHING. But rich people and corporations, in the end, aren't really interested in IDEAS, particularly not NEW ones. We are blowing carefully on what smoke we can generate.

That's where FIRES come from.

George Orwell:

"Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible."