The Bricker Amendment

The left "exercising its right to free speech." "The right "hides behind the first amendment."

This is the official language used in the media. So Holocaust deniers who do their denying on the Internet are, according to official media language, "Hiding behind the first amendment in the United States."

In plain English, that means that they avoiding the years in prison that they deserve. But the first amendment is not a very safe hiding place.

Many years ago the Supreme Court decided that treaties are not subject to constitutional guarantees.

The treaty that established the United Nations is exempt from the Constitution.

In case you think this is a detail of history, Senator Bricker of Ohio fought for years for his constitutional amendment that would overrule the Supreme Court and make treaties subject to the United States Constitution.

They are NOT.

So the first amendment does NOT protect you from extradition to Europe for Internet Holocaust denial. The United Nations, which is exempt from the first amendment, has demanded it.

Under present so-called constitutional law, which means whatever the Supreme Court feels like, the United States is obligated to extradite any person to France if he violates French Holocaust Denial law.

Or Israeli Holocaust denial law.

If that were NOT the case, the Bricker Amendment would have passed. Bricker fought for it a LONG time. It's the real thing.

It happens to be true that if the United Nations declared worldwide gun control, the United States is obligated to obey.

It happens to be the case that if the United Nations says that Americans accused of war crimes by Sweden must be extradited, what we call constitutional law requires us to do it.

And when the UN gets around to THAT, the conservatives will start screaming, just as they did with Roe versus Wade, "How could THIS have happened?"

These things ALWAYS start with "a blow against racism" like the 1968 Supreme Court decision voiding all state antimiscegenation laws. The conservatives ALWAYS fail to notice it.

Then it ALWAYS comes home to roost.