July 14 is the French equivalent of our July 4.

Today is Bastille Day, the beginning of the bloody, disastrous French Revolution that led to tyranny and the Reign of Terror and twenty years of bloodshed in Europe.

Let me remind you once again that when Jefferson wrote the absurd words "all men are created equal," he was writing a document in WARTIME. The city in which he was writing the Declaration of Independence would be in enemy hands within months.

Most of the Declaration of Independence is based on a good, sound resounding lie. It blames everything on the King. Every man at the convention, including Jefferson, had been raised under British Law. Every man who signed the Declaration knew that the King could not have done any of those things without the support of Parliament.

So why did they just blame the King and leave Parliament out of it? Because this was a WAR document, written in the desperation of WARTIME. The colonies had many supporters in Parliament and they did not want to alienate them. Every historian knows that. No historian dares to mention that.

So why did Jefferson say, "all men are created equal?" Why did he refer to "Nature and Nature's God?' Because that was the way Rousseau had talked, and Rousseau was the philosopher French liberals followed. French liberals were Deists, and "Nature's God" was what they believed in.

Britain abandoned the American war when Parliament deserted the King. It was French liberals who eventually got France into the war on America's side. The wartime propaganda document called the Declaration of Independence was well targeted.

As for "all men are created equal" and "Nature and Nature's God," if you have any historical sense at all, those words look insane in an American declaration. No Founding Father of America ever believed that all men were created equal or that fairies were dancing on the end of his nose. But all war propaganda looks absurd to those outside of the war. What is really absurd is to think that all this crap represented anything Americans actually believed.

This is proved by the fact that when peace came and Americans had to adopt a real Constitution to be adopted by Americans, not one word of this "all mankind" crap was in it. There is no overlap whatsoever between the Declaration of Independence and he United States Constitution.

The French thinking that Jefferson appealed to led to the tyranny, invasions and massacres of the French Revolution, to the total defeat of a devastated France, and a restoration of the monarchy that revolution overthrew. That "all men are created equal" crap is insane and insane ideas lead to insane results.

That French nonsense became the motto of the abolitionists. And when Lincoln celebrated the slaughter at the Gettysburg address, he said that America was founded on the French idea that "all men are created equal," not on the Constitution.

Whenever Americans want a slaughter, they hark back to the French idea of revolution, and they get the massacres they want.

And that is what Bastille Day means to me.