All of my musings, beginning with my endless aimless talk about Zoroastrianism a year ago, is beginning to form a picture. It is not a picture that will make me popular anywhere.

The situation is a lot like my position of grouping liberals and respectable conservatives together. If I took either group seriously, I would fit it, I DID fit in. But once I became independent, I became anathema to both.

Just as there are two positions in respectable politics, there are two positions in on Jews, Jew Are Angels and Jews are Devils. The Jews Are Devils group is now in the same position as conservatives were in the 1950s. It is hard for anyone today to realize how weak that position was.

But liberals went on to make their name anathema, and Jews are doing the same thing now. So, like conservatism, the Jews are Devils position is more likely to grow to where it must be harnessed into some kind of race-mixing anti-Semitism.

So there are the Jews are Angels, which is law in Europe, and Jews are Devils, which, despite how you may see it now, is growing exponentially. So here I am back in the 1950s. Back in the 1950s I kept trying to get it across to conservatives that RACE was the only long-term issue, and all their free market stuff was good filler, but not the thing that was undermining America.

They told me it was all about free markets. Get free markets and all would be well. Well, not all of them. Some told me get Jesus and all would be well. Forget this divisive stuff about race.

To repeat, all of my musings, beginning with my endless aimless talk about Zoroastrianism a year ago, is beginning to form a picture. It is not a picture that will make me popular anywhere. I always seem to end up here. And so far I've been right every time.

I am in the peculiar position of being able to see Jews as enemies who SAY they are the enemies of my race, but not as the ONLY basis of all evil. This proposition is so deeply embedded in our society it is hardly noticed. If you look at any drawing of a demon or of Satan, that is meant to be truly evil, he looks like a Jew, even when a Jew draws it. Lately the cover of the most desperately anti-anti-Semitic publication in America, National Review, featured the picture of a Mullah, "When the Mullahs Go Nuclear." But if that turban were not so carefully on top, what was drawn there was the classic caricature of The Devil, the Evil Demon, or The Evil Jew. It is the way we see evil. That never occurred to those doing the drawing.

Here I am in the position of knowing very well that the Jews are our declared enemies, just as the socialists were in the 1950s. This put me on the out with the in crowd, the liberals. I knew that socialism was a tool of the enemy and that, before they co-opted the "Religious Right," our enemies were the enemies of the untamed religion of the time. But I knew these were the enemy's preferences. The bottom line was race-mixing.

You see, then as now, I could COUNT, a talent which seems to escape almost everybody else. The world had always been mostly colored, but the trick was to get those non-whites into the West. I would say that sit-ins at lunch counters were a step toward total integration and "the solution to the race problem" liberals talked about all the time.

Whitey had to go if this "race problem" was to be solved. But conservatives keep saying and believing that this was not a race war, starting small at lunch counters and five black students at Little Rock backed by Federal troops. All that was crazy theorizing, they said. Look at the REAL fight. Will the budget be balanced next year or not? Will God be driven from the classroom? These were issues you could TALK about.

So now I see the Jews are our enemies. Elliot Gould said in his Playboy interview forty years ago that, "I always saw my enemy as the tall, blond Nordic." Susan Sontag was too blunt when she declared that, "The white race is the cancer of history."

Too blunt. That's the point. Every integrationist said the solution to the race problem was intermarriage, but no conservative would face the fact that that is what they said. It was not a religious problem. It was not a socialist problem. It was a RACE problem.

You may think that, on this second try, we could get it right. But no, once again, it's not a RACE problem; it's a JEW problem. And one day all the neo-racists will take over the paleoracists and denounce Jews. They will all agree that we old bigots were wrong, but that the Jews have gone too far.

The first thing we must do, they will tell us, is to stop gentiles of every race from fighting against each other and get them to come together in an integrated Wordist society based on Family Values and "Merry Christmas" and stuff.

History is repeating itself. I have been this way before.