AFKAN just came up with a list of the great power Jews have, and says that proves they are THE Enemy on whom we must concentrate. Mr. Webb kept talking about how powerful the media were, and how hopeless it is to come up against them.

I seem to be the only person here who lived through the 1980s. The power that AFKAN ascribes to the Jews in the United States was paltry compared to the power the Soviet Empire had inside its borders. ALL criticism of government was banned, and the name of the tiny publications put out by starving Russians were called samizdat - "self-publications" - which were by definition illegal.

Now here is the important point: EVERY SINGLE professional Sovietologist absolutely agreed with AFKAN and Mr. Webb on this.

NOT ONE of the people we paid even hinted that the Soviet Empire would collapse in the last century. Even Science Fiction books by anti-Communists, like The Mote in God's Eye, predicted a permanent USSR.

PLEASE don't tell about that college professor you heard abut who predicted that collapse. He doesn't EXIST. If you discussed any internal collapse, every single expert would do what AFKAN and Webb do; they would just point at the power of Moscow and shout you off the stage.

That happened within my lifetime. That happened LESS than twenty years ago. In 1992, if Perot had not been a nutcase, the polls showed that he was out front and gaining. That was less than fifteen years ago.

So here we are again. The Knowledgeable Ones are explaining to me, AGAIN, that one group is very, very powerful, so "Resistance is Useless!"

And some bloggers STILL listen to them!

I've fought alone a long time. At least I now have SOME people with me.

AFKAN Replies to Bob:

The demonic Jews created and ruled the Soviet Union. Why do you suppose six of the seven oligarchs are Jewish? Why do you suppose that the Bolshevik Revolution destroyed all churches except one, but not a single synagogue was touched? How many of the Russian people died in the Gulag Archipelago, which was run by demonic Jews? How many of the Russian people died in World War II, solely in the pursuit of the JUDEO-Marxist dream of world domination through an international socialist order?

They may have lost for a season, but damn, it wasn't from lack of trying, including the ruthless methodical murder and torture of anyone who might conceivably pose a threat to them. Spengler predicted the collapse and transformation of Soviet Russia with awesome prescience. I think Yockey cited him in this as well in "The Enemy of Europe," if memory serves.

You are wrong about the professional Sovietologists. The CIA's own internal analysts looked at the necessity of importing food (which we sold our "enemy," staving off the foundation of all revolutions) and all manner of modern technology. The CIA's own internal assessment predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Their analysis was "massaged" under the Reagan leadership. After all, without the Soviet Bogeyman, how could the American people be kept in line in a country where the military/industrial/financial/political complex was concentrating more power, into fewer hands?

Remember, we built the (demonic Jew-controlled) Soviet Union. Anthony Sutton wrote an entire series of books laying this out in great detail. And the CIA's Internal Sovietologists knew it. The external Sovietologists would see the end of a lucrative profession, if their bread and butter was soon to recognize what it really was: "Russia," on the European side of the Urals, and mostly ice, desert, and Muslims for the rest.

What happened to the CIA's internal Sovietologists? The truth was simply bad for the business of the military/industrial complex. As well, the Reagan/Bush (mostly Bush) administration needed an external enemy to keep people's minds off their internal structural enemies. Remember 21% prime rates and the collapse of the real estate markets?

Incidentally, I met one of the CIA's Soviet Russia analysts at a conference concerning long-term energy prices and the net energy costs of extracting oil. He used the example of Siberian oil and how it made little sense from an energy perspective. Man, though, what it did to the forex reserves in Moscow. I think today, Moscow had no foreign debt, to speak of.

All of the election laws were rewritten after Perot to make damn sure it didn't happen again. Why do you think Buchanan did so poorly in the elections? He had the platform, he had the ideas, and he was systematically undermined from within at the State level. His platform even called for the abolition of the Federal Reserve System.

What happened? Why can't David Duke get something going politically? Why is it that Channon Christian and Chris Newsom are kidnapped, raped, tortured by their racial enemies, and this - and so many events like it - do not make the news? Jewish control of the mainstream media - horrific race crimes committed against white people by our racial enemies become hush crimes.

Alex Linder is forming some sort of memorial service and a possible rally for Christian and Newson and against their and our racial enemies. I have no doubt you are a brilliant student of politics and human nature. Yet, Sam Francis was destroyed years before he died, Pat Buchanan couldn't get traction in the elections, and David Duke is neutralized at all points. See a pattern here?

We can start by supporting Linder's "feet in the street/boots on the ground" memorial, and I am sure he would welcome your suggestions. I am not a defeatist. I always say it is our power the demonic Jews are using against us. All we have to do it recognize this, and reclaim our power, a day at a time. While we can.