Japan is a major problem today. Japanese per capita income actually rose above the American, and then Japan stagnated. Asia has been doing that for thousands of years.

China has repeatedly invented and stagnated.

This could be a coincidence. No book on the subject can be published if it does not explain how this is an accident. In Europe, anyone who says it is not an accident goes to PRISON.

Unlike Politically Correct people, I do not have a ready explanation of this recurrent phenomenon.

But everybody is admitting that this time Asiatic stagnation is serious for the West. Japanese stagnation could bring on an economic crisis for the whole world.

But is a mere world economic crisis any excuse for considering that there may be a flaw in Political Correctness?

Historians readily admit that the reasons for things happening to people are a combination of heredity and environment. But they then insist that anyone who mentions heredity is anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

But if human action is result of both genes and experience, a history that leaves out genes must be nonsense.

By the same token, if human action is the result of both heredity and environment, then economic theories that leave out genes are absurd.

But as one leading anthropologist pointed out recently, HITLER said that there was a connection between genetics and a society's advancement, so anyone who mentions this is someone who loves Nazi Death Camps.