According to Politically Correct history, white people just copied what the Middle East had done before the Middle Ages and then built Western Civilization, complete with the Moon shot. If you want to get hired or published, you have to insist that any people, brown or black or yellow or white, not only could have done the same thing, they WOULD have done the same thing.

So once Japan caught up with the United States technologically, Asia would make new FUNDAMENTAL advances, as far ahead of the Apollo Mission as the moon shot was ahead of a camel train in the ancient Middle East.

I wish Asians were able to forge ahead of us. I would be happy if there were people who pushed ahead of us in technology and gave us all the benefits this would produce. I wish Asia would forge ahead and I wish that we, like Mexico, had a Great Northern Neighbor to feel sorry for us and send us money. Please see February 23, 2002 - WHAT IF WE HAD A GREAT NORTHERN NEIGHBOR LIKE MEXICO DOES?

So far, Asia has done what it always does. It reached a new level and then stagnated. It just happened faster this time than it has in past history. Everything happens faster these days.

All the paid experts say that Asia will push ahead of the West the way the West left the Middle East in the dust. If they don't say that, they don't get paid or published.

But as the fellow says, "I, I am skeptical."

I think whites should be preserved. The present world program is immigration and integration into ALL white majority countries and ONLY into white majority countries.

Nobody is insisting that Japan accept massive third world immigration, but they are insisting that the more crowded Netherlands be immigrated and integrated to brownness. Anyone in the Netherlands who disagrees goes to PRISON.

I am arguing that this death sentence on the white race should be appealed.