IN THE MEANTIME... | 2005-09-03

Sometimes the best thing a writer can do is shut up and let those who are interested actually absorb his ideas.

WhitakerOnline has come out every week for exactly seven years.

We have scarcely missed a week in all that time, so there's plenty there.

The WhitakerOnline archive is longer than the New Testament or the Koran, though it hasn't caught up with the Old Testament or the Talmud.

WhitakerOnline Article Archive

My broadcast archive consist of only a few programs, but I hit the very important points first.

If you think I am worth listening to, then the programs there are worth hearing at least twice. They represent my major concepts.

WhitakerOnline Audio Archive

My blog archive is there, but the blog itself may lose its liveliness for the year.

Bob's Blog

We have about sold out the first edition of my book, Why Johnny Can't Think: America's Professor-Priesthood. It will still be available from until they are sold out.

The ideas in it are planted.

But, a plea on behalf of the book's message

Please, please, PLEASE never say, "Whitaker says Political Correctness is LIKE a religion."

Please do not say, "Political Correctness is a religion, ***OR*** at least a rigid belief system."

I wrote until my fingers were blue, over and over

"Political Correctness IS a religion."

I proved it and showed you why it is so important that Political Correctness IS a religion.

This is absolutely critical to the whole message of my book. To say PC is LIKE a religion is worse than saying nothing at all.

Auf wieder sehen, "until we meet again."

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