The Bible recounts a time in ancient Babylon when everyone was required to bow and worship the king, Nebuchadnezzar, as their god.

Today, Martin Luther King is the "king," the god of the new "America." There will be no toning down Martin Luther King Day. At his name, every knee must bow.

Jesus taught that we were to worship God not in word, but in deed. The little Sunday school song that says, "and they'll know we are Christians by our love" is a way of pointing this out.

It is a very simple concept. What a man believes is made plain by what he does. Theologians seem to have trouble explaining this in simple terms, but it is easy enough for a child to understand. Jesus did what He taught, He "practiced what He preached." He was a living example of His teachings.

Martin Luther King was also a living example of his teachings. Namely, that it doesn't matter what you do, if you articulate the right ideology.

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The Pharisees worked tirelessly to catch Jesus in one little contradiction so they could destroy Him. The friends and promoters of MLK write openly about his sordid life. FBI and other government files on MLK's private life were so embarrassing that they were officially sealed for fifty years and will probably never be released.

But I have worked on the inside and have reliable word that one of the most embarrassing facts contained in those files is that MLK was like OJ Simpson. That is, after he got into the big-time, Martin Luther King would not touch a woman who wasn't all white, and that included his wife.

It doesn't make any difference to his legacy. But there is a reason they won't open those files and it can't be good. It certainly isn't fitting for a "god."