Since people who hate white America are ruling both sides, how can we make a choice?

The solution to this dilemma is a desperate and a hard one.

We may have to actually do some thinking for ourselves.

Everybody loves to talk about how hard it is to decide whether to send Americans to die in war, but that decision is nothing compared to the sacrifice I just mentioned. Thinking for themselves is something Americans quite honestly cannot imagine doing.

For example, Wise Men go on television and say "If we are going into Iraq, the Big Question is what comes AFTER we overthrow Hussein?" Everybody nods and drools and agrees with how Shrewd that statement is.

Actually, if Hussein is the immediate, overwhelming threat, then our sole interest is in getting rid of Hussein.


Left or right, everybody would far rather decide to get some Americans killed than they would to break the Flow of Shrewd on television by pointing this out.

The "after Hussein" kind of talk is useful for those who want to go into Iraq so we can stay there and make the world safe for Israel. It also serves the purposes of those who don't want any war for American national interests.

In other words, this "after Hussein" business serves all the bad guys. You may be sure that every statement made by Expert Commentators, which means people who get paid for their comments, is going to serve the purposes of the pro-war bad guys or the anti-war bad guys or, ideally, both.

It's a lot more relaxing to agree with SOMEBODY, either the conservative hawks who are interested in Israel or the anti-war leftists who do not want American interests to get too much of a hold on our thinking. Anything is easier than having to THINK or be disagreeable.

You would be disagreeable if you got sick of conservatives talking about how we need to listen to France because it is "an ally." The Cold War is over, gang, and France is in no way our ally. In the real, cold world of international relations, it's everybody for himself, and you had better believe everybody follows that rule except anti-American Americans and respectable conservatives.

Nobody who mentions "the Allies" is on your side. Nobody who mentions the UN has good intentions or good sense. Nobody who says "anti-white and anti-Semitic" gives a damn about whites.

Anyone who says "he is an enemy of the United States and Israel" is definitely not thinking about the United States.

If you keep these rules in mind you will be very disagreeable and sensible. It would be a lot easier to stop all that thinking, get some Americans soldiers bumped off, "feel their pain," and get on with life.