Liberals and respectable conservatives are worried to death. They cannot stand the idea that this war will make America look dangerous and mean.

Oh, goodness gracious, all the cocktail parties will turn against us if we look dangerous.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, nothing could be better for a real war on terrorism.

Liberals want America to be "respected", by which they mean they want us to beg other countries to please let us protect them while we lie down on the floor for them to walk over.

I love the idea of looking unrespectable. When you are dealing with the third world or with terrorists, there is nothing better than having them fear that you may suddenly tear their tongues out and stuff them down their throats.

That's how third world governments govern. That is the only thing that would cost state sponsors of terrorism a night's sleep.

The very idea of looking unrespectable is a nightmare to liberals. So respectable conservatives denounce the idea of America looking "unsophisticated" and scary. What would the Europeans say about us?

For me, America acting a little threatening would be a gigantic relief.

Throughout the Cold War America begged other countries let us protect them. We paid them hundreds of billions of dollars to bribe them to let us protect them at our expense.

I got so sick of Uncle Wimp, once known as Uncle Sam, being Uncle Turkey

It would be so wonderful if, just once, America was the country everybody else was a little scared of.. It would a relief if we demanded that people listen to us when we speak.

And Lord, wouldn't it be great if, for once, we were the people other countries had to appease!?