I SAY "NEVER" A LOT | 2003-11-15

I am careful about using a word like "never" or "always." But I would rather use those words and make my point than not use them and win an argument.

For example, I couldn't find the exact statistics in time for a WhitakerOnline, so I stated that hundreds of thousands of permits had been issued and there had not been one violation. Nobody else ever mentions that, so it is critical that I make the point.

I figured that if there had been any violations, the press would have pounced on them.

Since I wrote that piece, Rick Rowland found are that, in Florida alone, the number of permits is more than 200,000 and the number of violations is five. I would dearly love it if an anti-gun nut jumped on that and won the argument against me.

What do you think everybody listening to this debate would remember? Would the important point be that I lost the argument or that the actual statistic was one violation for every 40,000 permits?

I'll stick my neck out that far any time to make a point like that.

I said in the last WhitakerOnline that the group that calls itself "The Greatest Generation" allows liberals to say that they fought World War II and their buddies died in that War so that third world immigrants could pour into America and Europe. If they contradict this statement publicly they could be embarrassed. That would take a form of courage they don't have.

I don't have a lot of courage, but I do have a little moral courage. Among conservatives, that makes me like the one-eyed man in the land of the blind.