HOLD ME BACK! HOLD ME BACK! | 2002-03-30

National Review conservatives, who think they are real class, often act like the most cowardly of drunken rednecks. Please read this week's Whitaker Online about "Silk Pants Aristocrats."

I admit I spent my share of time in redneck bars, and the "Hold me back" guy was always there. He would act aggressive and then back down. But as soon as some kind person took his arm, usually to keep him from falling down, he would get tough

"Hold me back! Hold me back!"

He would act like he was trying to shake off the person holding him up so he, a dangerous and angry tiger, could get at the guy he just backed away from.

You know the type.

And that is exactly what conservatives on television remind me of when they demand that American Taliban John Walker be lynched from the nearest tree.

I call Walker a traitor, but I also have the guts to call powerful people traitors. Conservatives would never dare demand punishment for Jane Fonda or other 1960's "Idealists," but they are all over Walker.

Liberals gave conservatives permission to go after Walker, so the liberals have to hold them back.