HOLD ME BACK! - AGAIN | 2002-06-15

So when they are discussing Jose Padilla (if they are talking about profiling) or Abdullah al Muhajir (if they are talking about immigration), conservatives demand that he be punished for disloyalty.

"Lynch the traitor!," they scream.

Exactly what world have they been living in for the last four decades? Certainly not this one.

McCain has made it clear that Jose Padilla owes no loyalty to the United States. He is Hispanic. California Mexicans, wherever they were born, are fully justified (by George Bush, among others) for having their first and only loyalty to illegal immigrants.

Meanwhile, the disgusting little conservatives who denounce NONE of this are now screaming, "Lynch him!," about someone the liberals allow them to be mad at.

The entire '60's generation was called Idealist if they hated America and white people. Terror bombing was cool in Godfather II and anti-white Islam was cool in "Roots" and racial loyalty is the right loyalty for Hispanics born in America according to McCain. All that's forgotten.

So the cowards who don't dare denounce a McCain or hippies or anyone else with power are shrieking for the death of John Walker Lindh (March 30, 2002 - HOLD ME BACK! HOLD ME BACK!) and Jose Padilla (profiling) or Abdullah al Muhajir (if you are talking about immigration).

These conservative cowards make my skin crawl. What a bunch of groveling creeps!