"The Renaissance Disaster" below goes back to another of our BASICS:

Information, like every other human product, is produced for a REASON. Anything someone says should be looked at from this point of view as well as just finding an answer. This is where "Mommy Professor" came from. One minute the anti is an intellectual, the next he is a kid repeating what Mommy Professor said.

I regularly stop before answering any argument and think back over the BASICS. So I give antis hell when they say they are white by pointing out that they are like Communists bragging they are Americans. That is WHY they say that. They think that self-sacrifice is a virtue, so treason against their own kind is virtue. And I say this is insane.

I've tried it. No one has a comeback because it's obviously true. They produced the information to look good and I made it look like the treason it is.

Don't spit out the standard replies. Use OURS.

So WHY do we have Street Lamp History?

The results are barely beginning to filter down, but archeology and carbon dating and other science is ripping received history, The History of Mankind, to pieces. It will get worse yearly for standard historians, for Mommy Professor's orthodoxy.

After all, what IS a standard historian? He is someone who deals exclusively in WRITINGS. He has to mention scientific breakthroughs, but he doesn't understand them and he hates them.

At first historians handled science by concentrating on anything they could twist into political correctness. The Egyptians had pyramids? Well, the Incas had pyramids, too, so the white history is not so hot.

The "Out of Africa" stuff. But, as so many times before in history, our established religion is finding that science is getting out of hand. And while Mommy Professor has not changed "World History" one iota, everybody on the Internet is getting regular updates.

Historians are limited to quoting WRITERS. More important than the Library of Alexandria but never mentioned is the entire Persian literature was burned, the only hint of history and folk memory we may have had back to Mount Ararat on the Black Sea, the Flood.

This is easy to ignore because it doesn't exist in the quotations historians rely on.

WHY is this information produced?

BASICS, gang!

Historians love the Renaissance because it praises writers like them. The real development of Calculus is ignored by saying we stood on the shoulders of Euclid, who would not have had the slightest inkling of the what or even the why of advanced math. He produced a sophomore course of little serious value.

But he is a Giant to historians, because he can be CITED. Pages on which real Medieval mathematicians developed the Calculus were scratched out so that scarce lamb skins could be used for more copies of Euclid the Giant on whose shoulders we mere Western barbarians stood.

In other words, Mommy Professor rubbed out the complicated stuff and got more copies of what he could understand and quote. But the real development of Calculus is still there, though historians have carefully ignored it.

Mommy Professor can UNDERSTAND Euclid. To him Calculus is some kind of Babylonian god.

Mommy Professor's "history" is a series of surviving quotations twisted to suit the agenda. It is Established Religion crap that makes a Moslem fundamentalist look literate and sane by comparison.

All this from BASICS.