Has anybody noticed how much the collapse of the World Trade Center resembled the fall of the Soviet Empire? One day they were dominant and permanent figures on the New York skyline and the next day they weren't there any more.

When I watch the WTC coming down, I see the Soviet Empire coming down.

At the end of a piece below, I said, "Conservatives were so busy groaning about how hopeless everything was that they never planned for victory"

That could have been put a lot better. It is exactly the wrong point. What conservatives did not plan for was the enemy's COLLAPSE, not their own victory. I am a victim of the torchlight parade crap theories of victory I have heard for over half a century.

I, of all people, should know better!

Lenin had never addressed a large crowd in his LIFE before the Germans sent him into Russia in 1917. He was sent AFTER the Tsar fell. The history I always heard said that he overthrew the Czar and then took over. On such factual diddling one's whole picture of the world is changed.

Even the Bolsheviks were fairly satisfied when Lenin got to Moscow. Marxism held that the new stage of history had been reached, and the steady progress of democracy to socialism to communism had gone from the feudal Tsarist stage to the capitalist phase in 1917.

That was Marxism. What Lenin saw was a huge hole that could be filled by his Party. That was why the Germans sent him in. Only Lenin would take power, hand the Germans all of their empire, except most of Russia, so Germany could rule what was left of Russia.

Flash forward to Mussolini. I have said here at least a dozen times that Mussolini almost missed the March on Rome when his Party took power. He was a lot like Perot, but successful. He just announced that Italians should march on Rome and demand control of the entire government. As he slept that march materialized and nobody thought that Mussolini himself wouldn't know it!

I quoted the November 21, 1934 New York Times as saying that the restoration of the German monarchy as a certainty. The only question was whether it would be the old Kaiser or his son.

It seemed like good idea tat the time. A majority of the Reichstag was held by Nazis and Communists, and Times' experts in Berlin were as brilliant as paid Sovietologists in 1980. They looked at the Nazis a revanchiste, revengists, who just said Germany hadn't lost WWI.

To them, Hitler was a "monarchist." No government could be formed without either the Stalinists or the Nazis. It was impossible for Americans, who worshipped monarchy and looked up to Sophisticated European Thinking the way our universities still do, to believe that that uneducated little guy could make them forget Kaiser Bill ever lived.

We watched the Soviet Empire collapse in the 1980s, we watched Perot lead for the presidency in 1992, we watched the World Trade Center buildings go down in 2001, and none of it has had the slightest effect on SF thinking. If we knew the REAL history of Communism and Fascism, none of this would surprise us.

But SF toodles along as if history were the way Political Correctness writes it, its explanation is just different.

Some of my readers are beginning to realize that there is no compromise here. There are teasing mentions of Semmelweis from my book.

Medicine faced this situation in the early nineteenth century. Galen's theories about the Balance of Humors in the body and the need for bleeding ran head on into bacteriology.

The world is either what I say it is, a group of perfectly understandable movements which require mental discipline to handle, or everything is planned in some dimly lit little room or the Bilderbergers get-togethers.

The world does not get LESS complicated with realism, it gets MUCH harder. A RIGOROUS study of supply and demand is more mentally taxing than wandering over Mercantilists theory and gold and silver theories down through the ages.

As with priesthoods, all you have to do is learn Ancient Languages and you can quote Galen's crap and sound learned. You can quote mystic "natural value" stuff from ancient time's economics. The Catholic Church is beginning to realize how it screwed itself when it abandoned Latin. There is no way that stuff sounds as profound in English.

A language course won't substitute for RIGOROUS thinking. Like Lenin and Hitler and Mussolini and September 11th, real world power politics is neither a plot nor a gradual process.

In POWER politics, you can't STRADDLE. And you can't copy and paste the stuff you like and get anywhere.

Many are called, but very, VERY few are chosen.