When I was a ten-year-old in Cuba, I already understood that Latin American countries had lotteries because it was the only chance that the average person had to get ahead.

Blacks were mixed with whites there because, from the point of view of those who owned everything, all peasants were equal, just as the Queen of England today says that any of her hundreds of millions of Commonwealth former subjects has the right to move to England, even if they do elbow out the white peasants.

Now we have state lotteries, the super-rich in charge, and everybody who is not rich is equal to everybody else. We live in Batista's Cuba. To the very rich, all those peasants are the same. The LAST people who object to this attitude on race are the Marxists.

Leftism and respectable conservatism agree that all peasants are equal. So do today's leftists. And we have also gone Latin American on assimilation.

Don't worry. Batista's Cuba will be replaced with a rightist or leftist form of Castro's. Cuba rumbled for decades, then Batista's Cuba collapsed in a matter of hours.

To others, the suppression and rumbling dissatisfaction shows that the System cannot be beaten. I watched the Soviet Empire go. I watched Batista go. I watched Perot come within a hair's breadth of being elected president, certifiable though he was.

Nobody thinks the coming election will make any difference. Politics has ceased to have meaning, but the discontent is palpable. It just has nowhere to go.

I must have been raised in a different world, because all this strikes everybody ELSE, from racial defeatists to respectable conservatives, as STABILITY.

And remember, when the collapse of Batista came, Cuba went from fascist to Communist, ALL THE WAY. Russia went from Communist to fascist. If things are the way I see them, the safe, moderate position today will put you in enormous danger in the future.

You may have to EXPLAIN your "anti-racism:"