Liberals have no place in the future. They have produced one policy after another, and every one of them has not just been a failure, it has been a disastrous.

By now liberalism has become known as a failure. But what is worse for liberals is that liberalism has become known as a laughable failure. They are terrified of being laughed at precisely because they know that in the modern world they are laughable.

The only people who are not laughable today are the people who can talk about race.

California already has a white minority. By the middle of this century America will have a white minority. The future of America will be Hispanic leaders demanding things for Hispanics and black leaders demanding things for their minority group.

The white race has a much better chance to survive as a threatened minority than it does as a majority that thinks it rules the world. In a society of minorities, whites will be biggest minority. In a nation of minorities, whites will have to have spokesmen who speak for white people as white people. That is why both liberals and conservatives are both panicking about the multi-racial future they themselves created.

Tomorrow's white leaders will have to say, up front and personal, "We are white and we are ready to make deals for the good of our own race."

Any liberal who says that is committing political heresy. Any conservative who says that is committing political heresy. But anybody who thinks you can be part of the future political leadership without dealing in race is a fool, and more and more people are beginning to see that fact.

I was watching a main line television discussion a few days ago in which they were discussing the fact that Europe will have a Moslem majority by the middle of this century. I was astonished to hear them agree that it is a major problem white people simply do not have children.

If they had said that ten years ago, every one of them would have been ruined. This racial talk is now becoming mainstream. But while they are despairing of the future, I look forward to it. To repeat, I think a white race that sees itself as a threatened minority stands a far better chance of survival than a white race that thinks it rules the world.

I remember when Patrick J. Buchanan announced on national television twenty-five years ago that the reason Americans died at Normandy was to make Europe into a multiracial society.

Recently Buchanan produced the best-selling book he ever wrote. That book is about how the white race is committing suicide. He says this multi-racial society he fought for is destroying the white race and Western Culture.

Buchanan's best-selling book is called "Suicide of the West."

The title of that book ought to be "Well, DUHH!"

It is time for us to stop taking liberals and conservatives seriously. No one who does not think racially has any place in the politics of the future. We are all used to thinking of ourselves as a small group sounding the alarm to a deaf white race. That age is coming to an end. The danger warned about is here, and everybody is beginning to realize it.

Anyone who does not think racially has to be laughed at, not debated with.

We must go from racial theory to practical politics. And we must do it immediately.

There is no place in America's future for any white person who does not think of himself as a spokesman for the powerful white minority. You simply cannot waste your time debating with those who are still trying to live in a non-racial world, whether they call themselves liberals or socialists or libertarians or Buckley conservatives or religious conservatives.

When we are called haters and enemies of other races because we want to represent white people, we need to laugh at the people who say that.

We need to say we are too bigoted to be anti-Semitic. We am too bigoted to be anti-black. We are too bigoted to be anti-Hispanic. The only group we are interested in white people, and as white leaders, we want to make some deals.

This sounds like a joke. But behind it is a deadly serious and realistic set of ideas that will make us white leaders when the liberals and conservatives are ancient history.

As Joe Sobran said in his Foreword to "Why Johnny Can't Think," all we can do for those out-of-date liberals and conservatives is to quote, "Give them the horselaugh they deserve" unquote.

The future of politics is entirely racial. In the meantime, you can help me laugh the old fogies out of the way.