Truth is stranger than fiction, and there is a lot in a name. It is interesting that the Brown vs. Topeka decision is named as it is. It was the first major, open assault in the war to turn America brown.

The Supreme Court decision that threw out the anti-miscegenation laws in every state was Loving vs. Virginia. That name shows that the case was a set-up.

The offspring of race-mixing is always brown. That is another reason why there is no such thing as equality. Brown + white ALWAYS equals BROWN.

The offspring of sodomites is always brown as well. Fortunately, that offspring isn't living. It doesn't have to live with the fact that it is not lovely enough for one of its parents.

My point is not to be gross. My point is to make you think about something very unpleasant, but essential to your future, and that of your children and grandchildren.

Does it really surprise you that the top echelons of the Republican party, and the White House could be filled with perverts? DOES it surprise you? WHY should it?

They are the very people who forced white children to be bussed into black ghettos for decades. They are the very people who have thrown open wide our nation's borders to third worlders. They are the very people who DEMAND that we concede to GENOCIDE!

Could it be that they are motivated in the same way as the conquering African tribesman or the black prison "daddy," to degrade and humiliate us! To dominate, control and tear every shred of decency from us?

Could it be because they hate us with a blind hatred that we can never fathom?

A healthy man wants to have offspring that looks like him. He imagines a line extending hundreds of generations out into the future. This is summed up in God's first command, to be fruitful and multiply and take dominion over the earth. This is what has driven whites to create civilizations and reach for the stars.

"All who hate God love death" sums up our leaders in Washington. They too want to build a world that fits their souls. Dead, inert, and brown.