FLY LIKE AN EAGLE | 2005-02-05

Those who have seen the sanctuary of an old, traditional Presbyterian or Episcopal church may recall that the pulpit is elevated, and embellished with a large eagle. This was to symbolize the elevated status of the Word of God, going forth from that pulpit like an eagle in flight.

Preachers were expected to live up to the high standard symbolized by that elevated pulpit. They were expected to preach the Word faithfully. Here is an example from Robert L. Dabney, chaplain to Stonewall Jackson, after the War to Keep the South

The satanic artificers of our subjugation well knew the work which they designed to perpetrate: it is so to mingle that blood which flowed in the veins of our Washingtons, Lees, and Jacksons, and which consecrated the battle fields of the Confederacy, with this sordid alien taint, that the bastard stream shall never again throb with independence enough to make the tyrant tremble.

Compare that with the following, from John Piper, a currently popular preacher and author. Unfortunately, he is a South Carolina native, but at least he fled to Minnesota, where he could feel more at home.

My aim today is to argue from Scripture and experience that interracial marriage is not only permitted by God but is a positive good in our day. That is, it is not just to be tolerated, but celebrated. This is extremely controversial since it is opposed by people from all sides.

(See more on this here).

Now Ole Bob is not a theologian, but anyone can see that these two quotes cannot represent preachers of the same religion. Both would have been considered "conservative" in their time. That is why I don't consider myself a conservative.