A little while back, Dr. Rolandi sent out a copy of an email from a leftist who declared neo-Confederates to be traitors, I found one particular line fascinating

"Our group, by studying the neo-Confederates and realizing their hostility to the Statue of Liberty, the Declaration of Independence, and American democratic values in general have also come to realize one thing. RACISM=TREASON."

What is there about the Declaration of Independence or the Statue of Liberty that we are supposed to be hostile to?

Is this anti-Confederate saying we denounce the thousands of words directed against King George in the Declaration? Clearly not. Is he saying neo-Confederates object to the mention of God in the Declaration? Clearly not.

That is almost the whole Declaration, and we have denounced none of that.

What he means by "the Declaration of Independence" is actually a grand total of five words: "all men are created equal."

What he means by The Statue of Liberty is not the representation of a white woman inviting Europeans to come to America. He is talking about the inscription on that statue written by Emma Lazarus, a dedicated Zionist. Emma was giving away a country inhabited by goyim, while she dreamed of a homeland reserved for her and her fellow Jews.

If one denounces Emma Lazarus for giving America to any of the goyim who wanted it, while dreaming of her own land for Jews only, one is being "unpatriotic."