EVEN I NEED ***SOME*** TACT | 2002-02-02

I want the whole world to know that Joe Sobran said that "Bob Whitaker is blunt and brilliant." Nothing is as flattering as praise from the praiseworthy, and I would rather have those words from Joe than anything any other national columnist could say.

The following columns invite you to criticize me when I need it. But do try to cushion the bad news a little.

I am blunt, but even old Bob needs people to use a little tact with him.

The best definition of that word that I ever heard is the following: "Tact is the difference between telling a woman that when you see her, time stands still and telling a woman that her face would stop a clock."

For example, you could look at my life's story and say one of two things.

Two guys look at my many experiences and my travels.

The tactful one says, "You are a very impressive person, Bob. You have been many places and had wide experience in varying fields of endeavor. You are well equipped to advise us."

The guy without tact would just say, "Can't keep a job, can you, Bob?"

So if you catch me bragging or whining, let me down easy, OK?