New Yorkers think they are enormously sophisticated and they call all Southerners "hillbillies."

They call natives of coastal Mississippi or upper Florida "hillbillies." A large percentage of the people those brilliant, knowledgeable New Yorkers called "hillbillies" never saw a real hill.

No New Yorker was ever bothered by this.

Europeans call all Americans "Yanks." A lot of the people they call Yankees killed more Yankees than all of their other enemies on earth.

Europeans simply cannot talk enough about how sophisticated and knowledgeable they are. But no European has ever been bothered by the fact that he does not know what a Yankee is.

Europeans believe anything their so-called "intellectuals" tell them. So their so-called "intellectuals" tell them how smart they are for believing every single thing that fashionable leftists are saying.

European are far left on dealing with criminals. Now that the third world is pouring into Europe, their crime rate is soaring. I remember when crime was very, very rare in Europe, especially in Britain. Now you are safer on the streets of New York City than you are in a small British town.

As the crime race and race riots got worse in the North, they spent all their time telling Southerners how we should do things. As Europe becomes a place where innocent people are routinely murdered and robbed, they spend all their time attacking the American death penalty.

In Britain burglars break into houses in the daytime because they know Brits have no guns.

In Britain, burglars don't bother to wait until the family is out. They go into the house while the parents are there, reducing the father to a sobbing, cowering, helpless blob. So the Brave Poppa then goes out and demands Gun Control.

That's what the "intellectuals' told him to demand.

Europe has about a third as high a percentage of colored people as America does, and their crime rate already exceeds ours. So they spend most of their time telling us how to treat colored people.

All this is very familiar to an Old Southerner. Europeans are just Yankees.

Real Yankees.