And we are dying for our assumptions today. Thousands of people will be killed on the streets of America this year because the Professors of Criminology insist that career felons are victims of society and need to be rehabilitated out in society, not imprisoned for life.

Diversity kills us wholesale. Prisons are full of illegal aliens, and every one of them has caused grievous harm to Americans. But if you want to be a respectable conservative, you have to praise Diversity and The Melting Pot and the phrase "a nation of immigrants."

All of this is simply the result of the fact that we dare not call our so-called "intellectuals" a bunch of damned fools.

As I talked about last week on my radio show, which you can listen to any time from the archive at THE UNTRAINED EYE everybody thinks we OWE the world the right to immigrate into the United States.

All the professors and respectable conservatives say so.

That program is about the Preamble to the United States Constitution. The Constitution says very specifically that our only purpose is "We the people of the United States ... and OUR posterity."

The Constitution did NOT set up a "nation of immigrants." Just the opposite. Like everything else, they expected the people of the United States to decide on immigration on the basis of whether those immigrants will be good for US and OUR posterity. Nobody has the slightest claim on the United States but our own citizens.

The generation of Americans who adopted the Constitution had the largest percentage of native-born Americans of any generation before or since.