DUMB BOB | 1998-12-26

Before his resignation, I referred to Bob Livingston as Dumb Bob.

Robert Livingston has been insisting that the impeachment of Clinton was not just a matter of sex. So now his own sexual indiscretions have been discovered. So he says he will resign. He says that, since he is now resigning because of sexual indiscretions, Clinton should do the same.

Which means it WAS all about sex, right?

Livingston is 1) admitting he was lying, and as far as he was concerned, the whole thing WAS about sex, and 2) he is resigning over sex, though, according to him, that is NOT why he or Clinton should resign.

I was told that new information may show that there was more to what Livingston was doing than just sex. That has nothing to do with the point I am making.

The point is that what Livingston SAID was that he had extramarital sexual relations and was resigning, so Clinton should resign for the same reason. Whatever happens later is not relevant to the message Dumb Bob sent.

In short, Dumb Bob has not the foggiest idea what he is doing.

Dumb Bob is a perfect respectable conservative.