True to its founder Bill Gates' shouted-out liberalism, Microsoft now has a special program called "mixed messages," promoting racially mixed couples

Mixed couples produce ugly, unnatural children who have to live their whole lives looking like something their black daddy, who wants blonds, wouldn't look at.

So my readers keep worrying about pornography and homosexual marriage.

Homosexual couples are sterile. They are far, far more moral than the black-white heterosexual couple, no matter how many priests wave their arms over them and no matter how many holy words they babble. The Marriage at Cana was stringently limited to the marriage of two Jews. That was the one Jesus blessed.

Jesus did not criticize this stringent limitation on the marriage He blessed.

It never occurred to anybody that Jesus would comment on something like that...Marriage rules were not what He was here about.

But Sean Hannity says that Christ died on the cross for interracial dating. If it helps promote Political Correctness, what's wrong with a little blasphemy?

Bill O'Reilly has said repeatedly that the Founders meant for the government to require interracial dating because they called it "the UNITED States of America." He says it over and over and over. The government, he says, should SPONSOR interracial dances.

Alan Dershowitz is worried to death about Jews marrying non-Jews. There have been ads in the New Yorks Times from organizations dedicated to getting Jews together for marriage

"Jews, Be Jewish!"

Alan Dershowitz was on a talk show with Pat Buchanan during which he lambasted whites who objected to black guys kissing white girls on television. Buchanan sat there looking guilty. He agreed that such objections were just awful.

But our folks were not scared to object to a lesbian kiss. Conservatives gave them permission to object to that. This is the kind of moral courage the pathetic paper-hat crowd that calls itself The Greatest Generation showed..


LINK: June 5, 2004 -- D-Day, June 6, 1944

Conservatives and liberals push interracial pornography and the only person anybody complains to is me.

Nobody but me talks about this pornography publicly. But my readers always make me one of the mass of recipients they send forwarded messages to just to show they are part of the anti-pornography herd when it's safe.

I DESPISE people who send me that crap. I respect homos a LOT more.