Nobody dares call a liberal a "Communist" anymore. But Southern Nationalists are going to be called Nazis all the time. This is because respectable conservatives and Southern Crawlers are weenies. Whereas no liberal allows himself or any other leftist to be associated with totalitarians or mass murderers like Stalin, Southern Crawlers and respectable conservatives routinely allow leftists to use the label on rightists.

The reason Stalin was evil was not because of his economic ideas. He was a totalitarian and a mass murderer. Likewise, it was not Hitler's racial ideology that made him a Nazi. It was his dictatorship and his mass murder. But whereas liberals do not allow people to accuse leftists of being Communists because of their economic ideas, they know, and insist, that it is the means, not the ends, that make the difference.

Respectable conservatives and Southern Crawlers care about nothing but pleasing leftists. They are happy to agree that all nationalists and all racists are Nazis. Jefferson was a Nazi, sure! The segregated United States Army that invaded Normandy was Nazi, sure!

Do not allow anybody to do this to you.

And do NOT allow them to subject you to any kind of an ideological test to prove you are not a racist. The minute you give them the right to approve of your views on nation and race, you have lost. The entire issue here is not your aims, but the fact that they are accusing you of advocating violent revolution, dictatorship, and mass murder, and you will not stand for it. Point out immediately that they are saying that Jefferson was a Nazi, that all those who wrote the Constitution were Nazis, because all of them opposed racial intermarriage. This is outrageous. Nazism, like Communism, is a matter of means, not of ends. All socialists are not Communists, and all nationalists, nor even most racists, are Nazis. KEEP ON TOPIC! If they accuse you of being a racist, say that is a code word for "Nazi," which it is. Keep them on the defensive. Until we do this, the Nazi Scare will keep us as impotent as respectable conservatives and Southern Creeps.

The Nazi Scare is one of two standard attacks all nationalists have to deal with. The other, which is related, is the argument that no separate countries should be allowed because they might not treat their own minorities right. Respectable conservatives and Southern Crawlers allow the leftists and centralizers to use these tactics without challenge.

Respectable conservatives and Southern Crawlers are the best friends tyranny has.