Cases that are novel and shocking grab the media headlines. People are drawn to them like moths to a flame. That is part of our nature. It is easily exploited.

It is horrible when a child is murdered. It is heart-rending to see a case like the Schiavo one.

But what can we say when we have thousands and thousands of our young people slowly destroyed right under our noses? Having Daddy's little girl become a wretched little whore over a ten year period is not a headline grabber. Yet we all see these works in progress every single day.

So while we have Respectable Conservatives and leftists and everybody else screaming and wailing over a brain-dead woman, we have thousands and thousands of our little girls being turned into brain-dead little tramps, and thousands and thousands of our little boys being turned into brain-dead animals.

Think about this when you watch Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly or your favorite respectable rail about the latest circus act. What are they saying about the little girls you see every day?

When the dust settles on the Schiavo case, and before the next one arrives, take some time to think about what is really being accomplished.