DAMN IT, CUT OFF THE WATER! | 2004-04-24

I have never before used a curse word in WOL, and I don't plan to do it again. But this is an infuriated cry from the heart.

Both the pro-war neo-cons and the anti-war left are horrible people. Liberals are not anti-war. They are anti-American and therefore pro-UN and pro-France. I hope those two groups eat each other alive.

The real war is not in Iraq. It is here in America.

But when it comes to sending our troops to fight, I have a short fuse.

First, our soldiers are in there in combat but they are supposed to worry about mosques.

To hell with mosques or churches or Buddhist temples. On the battle ground, you fight everywhere. If the enemy is in there, you blow the place to Kingdom Come without hesitation.

Or you get the hell out.

There is a truce for some kind of negotiation going on about things like the mosques as sanctuaries. Only Americans are observing it because we think that will charm Iraqis.

But we are now being told by the bureaucrats in uniform that the minute the truce ends we are sending in American troops to take the cities the other side controls..

Troops will have to be sent to fight in the streets because we won't just cut off the water supply to the cities.


That wouldn't be nice.

So some American troops get killed. So what?

The bureaucrats with the stars on their shoulders tell us that cutting off the water would seriously inconvenience innocent Iraqis in those cities.

So cutting off the water would lose the real battle, which is for the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese.... sorry, I mean the Iraqi, people.