Southern Nationalism gives us the opportunity to change the world by offering a nation where people want to live. In every country on earth today, leftism and respectable conservatism have united to force people to live the way liberals want them to. If we provide a nation which rejects all the leftists experiments, leftism will collapse forever.

Real secession, the slightest hint of a real choice, will be devastating to leftism in a way that respectable conservatism can never be. The left has an exposed Achilles heel, and that fatal exposure is the simple fact that their entire enforced program is ridiculous, and nobody really WANTS it. Leftism is gigantic fraud waiting to be exposed. Only respectable conservatism and the lack of any true alternative keeps this titanic fraud going.

One place which is truly independent, where people can live among the people they choose, and give their children the education they choose, and have the kind of justice they choose, would be fatal to the left. One place like this would be the envy of all other people in the Western world.

Nobody WANTS leftism. "Devolution" is a code word for the fact that people want OUT of this system. REAL devolution will be CUMULATIVE: it will grow as the escape becomes a flood.

As soon as people find they can have REAL devolution, everybody will want it. But the emphasis here is on the word REAL.

In Scotland, there is going to be a referendum which, if it gets a majority, will lead to independence in four years. Sean Connery was denied a knighthood in January because he supports Scottish nationalism.

But you can have NOMINAL independence, and it won't mean a thing. After all, when Scotland or the South or Quebec gets "independence," it will do so as the result of a signed agreement. That agreement will include matters like free trade and military agreements with the country they are separating from.

When and if Scotland and Quebec become "independent," the nationalist leaders will be so desperate to get their titles as Prime Ministers and so forth that they might agree to anything. More important, they will want to appear to be Respectable Leaders in the eyes of World Opinion. They don't want to look provincial.

So the Scots and the Quebecois will be pressured to agree to keep their borders open to massive third world immigration. They will agree that Scotland's goal is to be "multicultural," In other words, Scotland is welcome to be a country as long as it doesn't insist on being Scottish. Likewise Quebec.

There is an easy way for Scotland's independence movement to be tamed. Right now the United Kingdom is in the process of giving up its sovereignty to the developing United States of Europe. The pound will be replaced by the Euro and all economic policy will be run from the new central government of Europe. Economic policy will move to the European central government.

Europe began its unification plan in the 1950s with a small and reasonable attempt to reduce tariffs. This was to make trade easier and to "provide for the free movement of goods throughout Europe." Then a little change occurred in the language. One day the centralizers began to say that the idea was to "provide for the free movement of goods AND PEOPLE throughout Europe."

As usual, nobody questioned that apparently small change in language. But it was no small change. It was a gigantic step. It meant that every state in Europe was to give up its control of immigration. The centralizers, who favor enormous amounts of third world immigration into Europe, were to be given authority to impose that on every part of Europe.

So if Scotland signs on to be a part of the United States of Europe, its "independence" will be a fake. I expect that there will be a lot of pressure for this kind of fake "independence." Fake opposition and fake alternatives are all we have today, and the left knows how to keep it that way. Real nationalism, real independence, would be a threat to the whole leftist program, so that is the first thing nationalist leaders will be required to give up.

Liberals are always quoting surveys where people tell them what the establishment wants to hear --- that multiracialism is wildly popular with everybody. But, oddly enough, they will never allow any alternative to it. Every last white person must be chased down. If it's so great, why can't it stand competition?

To follow on with this example, every professor who wants to keep his job assures us that multiracialism and multiculturalism are wildly successful and make people happy. All the media assure us that practically everybody is wild about multiculturalism and multiracialism. But they demand that every single stray white person be chased down and forced into a multiracial community.

If multiculturalism is so great, why do they have to do that? They cannot allow there to be a place on earth where whites are able to live in their own communities, because they know very well that most whites will want to go there.

There is no area in which liberalism can allow any real competition to develop. In every area, from dealing with criminals to education to economics, liberalism can only survive if it is enforced on everybody.

Liberals cannot allow any white majority country on earth to close itself to third world immigration.

No community can be allowed to treat criminals as criminals. No community can allow parents and taxpayers to use their money for any schools they want to, because that would mean the end of the state educational bureaucracy. No community can be allowed to exist which does not chase down whites and force them to integrate.

If a country were allowed to do ALL that, the left would be doomed, and nobody knows that better than leftists. Nothing would be more fatal to leftism than REAL secession, because real secession means real CHOICE.

When they tell you how their system is beloved by all, your reply should be short and simple: "You want to put your policy up against ours? OK. Let's try it. Make my day."

The trouble with what we want is that it is 1) obviously reasonable, and 2) obviously fatal to the political left. It is obviously reasonable that we would have the right to have our own land and to live to ourselves if we so choose. But it is also obvious that, if we ARE allowed to live to ourselves, absolutely everybody else is going to want to join us.

This is not because WE are so great, but because what THEY impose is so obviously awful, and it only survives because it allows no alternatives.

One instance of TRUE secession will lead to more REAL devolution, and that will lead to yet more. We must settle for nothing less than this real and therefore cumulative form of secession.